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Delivering lasting solutions is my passion

Philippe Barzin

Global Pharma intrapreneur relentlessly pursuing what’s awesome!

I am excited about…
Working on solutions for seemingly insurmontable problems

Taking the long-term view

Empowering great companies to flourish

Making them even better through greater focus

And hopefully… because of all this, improving the lives of as many people as I can

What issue can I help you solve today?

Global business planning

Extensive experience (international & US) including strategy, management consulting, commercial, operations, research and development, and three years of general management of a Biopharma start-up. Cross-sector experience including complex categories like Diabetes, Immuno-Oncology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and High-Technology Retail.

Advanced strategic analytics & insights

Trained in finance, passionate about advanced visual analytics, Big Data, predictive modeling and machine learning forecasting.  My approach is to collaborate with subject matter experts to uncover insights, answers and realize opportunities for improving quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

Large-scale project leadership

Trained in strategic project management , I create an environment of passion, energy and inspire deep commitment of the expert teams I work with. I surround myself with internal and external experts to master functional expertise within days.

Lean six sigma

Could you use more capacity in your department?

Trained as Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, I help you simplify processes and focus on value-added activities. I also understand the need for rapid, agile and integrated deployment.

High-impact innovation driving lasting results

Increasingly complex and fast-changing global markets demand innovative intrapreneurship to bring the future to life, create more value for customers with fewer resources, help teams succeed and mitigate risks.  Examples include Big Data for global patient safety, advanced resource planning using machine learning forecasting, etc.

Change integration

Trained in change integration, I believe that the acceptance of what you do is as important as the quality of your work.  I approach transformation in 3 phases: make it real, make it work and make it last.  Together, we will create a path that best suits your needs, incorporating innovative solutions as early as possible. I understand every organization is different, therefore believe in customizing the approach with tools that are right for you.